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Ferroli Performance Centre has been successfully involved in motor sport and the South African Motor Trade for the last 26 years specialising in Volkswagn / VW services and modifications. We also work with all other major vehicle brands offering the best vehicle services in the Cape.

We have a fully equipped vehicle service centre in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town with a workshop that includes 8 lifts where we carry out services with a fully equipped machine shop which we build gearboxes and engines for our clients and race teams.

Ferroli Motorsport, which is our Dyno Centre is situated at Cape Towns famous motor racing circuit Killarney Race Track where we offer custom engine mapping, car modifications, ECU management system fitting and tuning for road and race cars. We are dealers of Revo Software, Dicktator Management, Dastek, Forge and many others in Cape Town & the Western Cape.

Our team of 11 staff, which includes mechanics, welders, machinists, fabricators and general workers are all fully trained to supply the best service and advice.  Most of our employees have been working with us since March 2000.

440cc Bosch Injectors  (65mm) R650.00 ea
550cc Bosch Injectors  (55mm) R800.00 ea
780cc Injectors  (65mm) R950.00 ea
900cc Delphi Injectors (65mm) R1100.00 ea
1200cc Lucas Injectors (65mm)   R1200.00 ea
1600cc Bosch Injectors (65mm) R1580.00 ea
2200cc Bosch Injectors (45mm) R1580.00 ea
NGK AFX UEGO 5 Wire Kit R4750.00 ea
Haltech POA
Dicktator STD       R2500.00 ea
Dicktator 60-2 R3550.00 ea
Dicktator Waisted Spark R3550.00 ea
Dicktator 36-1         R3550.00 ea
Dicktator 36-1 Lexus V8 kits    R4250.00 ea
Dicktator Gearbox Controller R2700.00 ea
Dicktator 60-2 Wheel 160mm R160.00 ea
Dicktator 60-2 Crank Sensor (Magnetic) R485.00 ea
Dicktator Lexus 4 Tooth Wheel R160.00 ea
Dicktator Lexus 36-1 Wheel R160.00 ea
Dicktator Nissan Trigger Wheels 4 & 6 Cyl R160.00 ea
Dicktator TP 100 Module R485.00 ea
4 Cylinder 4 Coil Ign. Module R700.00 ea
6 Cylinder 3 Coil Ign. Module   R700.00 ea
Dicktator STD Loom R450.00 ea
Dicktator 60-2 / 36-1 Loom R450.00 ea
Dicktator Fan Controller R160.00 ea
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump R2500.00 ea
Dicktator Tacho Adaptor R160.00 ea
LS Ignition Coil and Connector R500.00 ea
Vehicle Mapping and Tuning from R1500.00
* Prices are subject to change and while stocks last

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